Spring Fashion Fever

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The snow is still several feet deep at our house in the mountains so we decided to come down into the valley of Boise for a while. Here it is very spring like and I am able to spend a lot of time outside which is so important to me. I can also start wearing spring clothes in the milder climate. Today I am wearing a Free People top purchased from the Rack deeply discounted. A pair jeans that I gave an uneven hem and a pair of slides I got a couple of years ago from 6PM.com. I carried my cherry red bag for a pop of spring color. The outfit seems to say hello spring to me.

How are you easing spring into your life?

P.S. See my DIY uneven hem down below!

The jeans in this post are a pair of jeans that I did the uneven hem on myself. This afternoon I am taking a pair of white jeans I got at Marshals and giving them an uneven hem. I think out of all the hems that are popular right now, the uneven raw edge is my favorite. I have some that are just raw but I like the effect of the uneven hem because it seems to add a little more interest. I mostly like these DIY hems because I can get the length just perfect!

I just line them up with a pair that are the right length, cut off the excess hem. Then fold at the seams and cut the front off just about a half inch. Then I spend a little time pulling treads out. Every time I wash them they become more frayed. Easy peasy! 

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