Free People Challenge

I am a huge fan of the brand Free People. I love the Bohemian style because it reminds me so much of earlier decades of my life. I also love the comfort of that style. My problem is that so much of that style is over sized and billowy and it does my body type no favors. I never give up however always looking for ways to wear these cute pieces. This top has been in my closet for a while. Even though I couldn't seem to style it to my satisfaction I wasn't going to give up. Today I found a way to wear it that I love. It seemed to be made for white skinny jeans, wedge booties and a sparkly necklace! For a bag I pulled out this cute little leather one that has been in my collection for years. It is perfect for carrying to festivals or long shopping trips when you don't want to carry a heavy bag. I was so happy how all the colors, fabrics and styles blended to form this fun outfit. My husband got me this necklace a few years ago and it is like it was made for this top. Finally I met the Free People challenge! Now I am ready for another!

In other news, we are buried under snow. It has been snowing almost nonstop for days. It is cloudy, cold and dreary. I am using every trick I know to keep spirits up and to not eat myself to death! Below is my uniform most days.

Also, I got a hair cut and for the first time ever, it didn't turn out very well. I asked my stylist to go short and she did and I can't seem to do anything but flat iron it. I feel like going into hiding! But one thing about living as long as I have is that I know it's not the end of the world and will grow back. Later this week I'll show you how it turned out. Ugh!

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