The Fun in Fashion

I minored in art history and I love art in every form, but the art of fashion is truly fun for me. Color, fabric, texture, the cut, the endless design options bring light into my mind and release endorphin's into my body. I am sure it is in my genes all the way to my soul. 

We were getting ready to go to the theater and the outfit I put together was so fun that I had to get pictures really quickly. I didn't have time to go outside for any but I think you can see the fun in my fashion.

A cold shoulder top, skinny jeans, open toed booties, denim jacket and colorful bag played like a symphony for me. Orange shades are so pleasing to my eyes and the top and bag had the exact same orange in them. This outfit had pops of color and the suede of the bag and the booties gave it texture. The cold shoulder and ruffles were delightful details and my Mexican Fire Opal was the perfect piece of jewelry. I would not have changed a thing if I could. White nail polish with the orange shade of toe polish increased the fun of my look!

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