What to do

I bought this sweater last fall because is was so adorable on the hangar and I was sure I would find all sorts of ways to wear it. Well, it is sleeveless with big arm holes and requires something underneath. But if you add much it really looks bulky. So it has been hanging in my closet waiting for some attention. Today I spied my pretty blush leather jacket hanging, looking as if it wanted to be worn (I'm not really mentally ill). It is cold but again if I layered too much with the jacket I would start growing exponentially. I made a judgement call and took out the sleeveless sweater and paired it with the jacket and really liked the results. I added skinny jeans, booties and a cross body bag trying to keep things neutral. Now I know how to get good use out of this sweater!

In other news, let me tell you about my stupid hair! It grows so fast and it is a mess. I have an appointment with my stylist (I've gone to her for almost 11 years since I moved to Idaho). She is an artist that I adore. Anyway, she is going to fix me up. I loved the cut I got last time so I am going with that only a little shorter I think. 

Do you have an item that you love but don't know what to with?

Note: Don't miss my outside pictures down below!

Some have been asking to see pictures of outside so I am adding a couple. I really cannot get outside to take any good pictures due to so much snow and the cold. 

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