The power of layering pieces

I like a bargain so I shop at Marshalls a lot. Many times while I am looking at tops that are a great price, I think I would never wear that even though it is so cute. The top I have on was on clearance for $8 and I thought that. It is shear in the back and sleeveless and I will never wear it as is. But, I got to thinking about where I live and how I layer all year around and how this top would be a perfect layering top! I can wear it with jackets, sweaters or even under a denim shirt would be cute. For this picture I layered it under a faux leather jacket. See how it just pops and adds detail to my outfit. I love the knee length back of the top too. I added a pair of my DIY raw edge jeans, booties and neutral bag. For jewelry I wore my Chico's necklace that goes with about anything. 

Last night I made the most amazing Italian Sausage and Lentil soup! I wanted to share this recipe because it is easy to make and my favorite soup. Get it here. In other news, my hamstring pull is much improving thanks to time and the advice you all gave me. I listened to every one of you. I signed up for two 5Ks one, in April and one in May so I have to be ready! Yoga seems to be the most effective way so far to help me. It's almost addictive!

Do you ever rethink your philosophy on certain pieces of clothing?

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