I suppose

I suppose this outfit is OK. As I was building it I thought is was fun but at the end of the shoot it felt kind of pedestrian. It is not all bad I suppose. I love the black and leopard together. And I think a cowl neck always looks good with a cardigan. I liked the rich leather of my Adora bag and the rough texture of the leather booties. So all in all, it will do. I added skinny jeans, my Brighton belt and my Amber necklace to finish the look.

Do you ever put together an outfit that seems so so? Do you change or go with it?

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Sometimes you just can't go back. I saw a lady at Costco the other day (while waiting in line for my Very Berry Sundae) wearing a casual outfit that reminded me of my uniform from about the ages of 10 to 20. She looked so cute! I decided to go home and see if I could recreate the look. I did, and it felt very comfortable to me. I could actually easily make it my uniform again. But after taking pictures I realized it wasn't very appealing from a style perspective. I wore boot cut jeans, converse sneakers, unfitted t-shirt with a bomber jacket and cross body bag.

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