Back in the boots

As I reported in my last post, I am back home in the snowy mountains. I loved my time away but was so happy to be home that I was giddy! I have been tidying things up and enjoying life so much that I don't even mind that I can't get out as much. I had every intention of taking pictures of this outfit outside but by the time I got ready it was pouring down snain. That's what I call snow rain. Anyway, it's not the greatest outfit I've ever put together but it was comfortable and I liked the out of place, white jeans with snow boots and flannel. I just fits my personality. I always feel like a misfit!

I have on white jeans that are almost like leggings. They are amazingly comfortable, my trusty Joan of Arc Sorrel boots, a flannel shirt and utility vest. Every thing old, tried and true.

While I was looking for links to add to my Boutique page I found this same brand (Sorel) of boots deeply discounted. They have the style I am wearing and another very similar style. I had to order a pair in a light color called Fawn. You can get all the links on my Boutique page. We still have four feet of snow on the ground so I will get plenty of use out of them and I got the idea for an all neutral colored outfit that I want to try. Fawn boots, white jeans, cream shirt with a vest I have that is all tans and creams. OMG it is going to be so pretty. 

Do you like to match things or go for a little "What?"

Thanks for stopping by!