How I Wear Hair Accessories

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True story. When I was in my early twenties an older lady I worked with, one day, yanked the hair clip I was wearing out of my hair and said I was too old to be wearing them. Nancy, I can't remember her last name was not a nice person.  Anyway, I actually let her make me think it was true and to this day rarely wear any accessories in my hair. But this winter I have been wanting to try new hair styles and have been playing around with putting my hair up but only using bobby pins. 

In today's post I decided to try different styles using hair accessories by Litlla Rose. Marie Watson an independent consultant for Lilla Rose gave me a couple of beautiful clips to try out and share with you on the blog. And I really love them. They are the highest quality I have ever seen in a hair accessory and really pretty. Perfect for all ages in my opinion. I wish I had a whole collection of them. What I really like about these clips besides how pretty they are is that they come in different sizes so they will fit to the thickness of your hair. I have a medium for holding all my hair and a small for holding sections. 


I put together a fun holiday-ish look for a casual day of working at my desk and running errands. Black pants, black tee and a red cardigan. I wore a tan belt and booties and carried a leopard clutch to complete this outfit. I wore my hair half up using one of my new clips. These clips don't budge but they don't feel heavy so you forget they are there. 

Later in the day when I was ready to relax I pulled all my hair up, took off the cardigan and grabbed a warm scarf for a more casual look and added my leopard slippers. For this hair style I just grabbed it, twisted a little and added both clips for fun. Loved it!

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other news

I have been redesigning my blog and it will go live on January 1, 2018! I am so excited to share it with you. Meanwhile if you see odd things on this version of the blog just know it is me working on things. Ha ha! 

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