Welcome Back To My Mountain Life

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The Scoop

By the time you read this post I will be leaving Arizona after an eight-week visit and be on my way back to our mountain home. We had to cut our trip short because we have so much snow back there that some of our huge pine trees have fallen across our drive and down the sidewalk to our house. Too close for comfort and we are afraid one might fall and hit the house. And all of our security cameras are out except one that is hanging upside down. I think it has been a wild winter up there while we were gone. At any rate we are excited to get back, check on things, sit by a fire and view the beautiful winter wonderland.

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And So

Needless to say I will be out of pocket for a week or so. I was able to get posts up for the rest of this week and I have been playing around with the design of the blog, so I hope you enjoy that. Check out the main page and the blog pages to see all the new elements I have added. I am trying to make it a little more interesting. and fun!

I really hope you all are having a wonderful winter so far! I will be back with part three of my fitness series of posts as soon as I can along with more fashion, life and style for us over 50 ladies.

While I’m gone you should read this article:

Why Older Women Will Rule The World: The Future Is Female by an MIT expert.

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My Look

These pictures are from last year. I remember is was fun to get out and play in the snow and share some of my outdoor looks. I am wearing a red coat, black leggings, fun snow boots and a warm cap. No big deal but I loved the bright red in the winter outdoors. I remember I had a red nose too by the end of the shoot!

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Create Your Own Look

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Weekly Newsletter

I wanted to let you know that I will only be sending out one newsletter a week from now on. I have been sending one out three times a week, each time a new post went live. I think I can put together a more interesting newsletter if I send out one each Sunday that is recap of the week. So stayed tuned for this week’s first edition of the weekly wrap-up newsletter. I hope you will sign up if you haven’t already. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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