Welcome To My Mountain Life

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the scoop

By the time you read this post I will have left Arizona after a four-week visit and be back in my mountain home. We don't have a lot of snow right now which is unusual but we all know now that unusual in the usual anymore. We have enough that it is just right as far as I'm concerned. I can still get outside to walk and get around.

We will be really busy this week preparing for our annual Christmas party. It is always so fun that we look forward to it. So far we have 40 RSVP, we have a piano player coming to play our piano and lots of good food and drinks will  be served. I am thinking about making room for dancing which will be fun too. My tree is up but is artificial (I had to use artificial because of the timing)so to add a scent of pine, we go out and get pine boughs from our trees and I make sprays with lots of ribbon and hang them around the house for an added festive touch. We will have our fireplace burning and it will be cozy and comfortable for everyone. I will try to get pictures when everything is ready and share them soon!

my outfit

These pictures are from last year. I remember is was fun to get out and play in the snow and share some of my outdoor looks. I am wearing a red coat, black leggings, fun snow boots and a warm cap. No big deal but I loved the bright red in the winter outdoors. I remember I had a red nose too by the end of the shoot!

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