Before Things Get Too Deep

snow 1.jpg

the scoop

I am sitting on the bed in a hotel in Nevada as I write this post. The elevation here is about 7000 feet so up high but it is nearly 60 degrees with no snow. A little unusual for this time of year. Usually when I travel through here this time of the year it is very cold with lots of blowing snow. Kind of treacherous really. I'll take it the way it is today!

my outfit

Since I am on the road still, heading back home to Idaho I have been using some of my favorite pictures from this time last year. I love this cozy look with a light cream colored down coat, a cream beanie with a light pink pom pom, a light pink long tee and warm stylish snow boots. My favorite thing to wear with these sort of bulky boots are heavy weight black leggings. They keep me warm and balance out the rest of the look.

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