Gray Daze

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Hey Gang! Here we are well into December, the last month of 2017. I think a sure sign of my age is how fast time seems to go by for me. When I was younger I always thought time went by so slow! 

I am on the road this week so I am sharing some outfits from this time last year. It was so fun to look back and see what I was wearing. It also made me excited to get back to my mountain home now and see the snow and settle in for Christmas.


I am wearing gray jeans, gray turtle neck and gray knit duster with bright pink pumps. The long silver necklace was the perfect necklace for this look and my belt with the bling just added to the overall look. 

I painted my nails a bright pink to go with this look and just love how it all turned out. For the past almost year I have been trying to let my gray hair blend in with highlights and I gotta say, I just can't get used to it. So yesterday I went back to the color you see in these pictures. I am thinking about going back to the cut in the pictures too when I have time to get to my stylist. 

I'm moving out of the outfit part of this post but I am thinking about writing a post about what I have learned this year regarding make up. A year ago I barely wore any makeup which was normal for me for most of my life. One of the things I have learned this past year is how to choose and apply make up. I am having so much fun, and notice what a difference it makes for me. I love to watch "Hot & Flashy" YouTube videos to learn about make up for women my age. Angie the author is so fun, good at what she does and seems so sweet. Check her out if you're interested in all things make up and beauty for the over 40/50 woman.

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