My Hair, The Long & The Short Of It

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Its always fun to check my blog stats and see what interests people. The most searched word on my blog is hair. So I thought I would tell you a little about my hair. Two things for sure. One, I never take more than ten minutes on my hair. I am just too lazy. Two, I rarely try to style it the same way twice. It's just too boring.

my cut

I am lucky in that I have found two of the most amazing stylists for the past 20+ years of my life. I went to same one when I lived in Arizona for 12 years.  And currently I have been with my stylist here in Idaho for a little more than ten years. I now just think of her as my friend who styles my hair. I adore her. She knows me, knows my hair and it is a perfect union! She is not afraid to guide me away from something that won't work for me and I'm not afraid to tell her to do whatever she wants with my hair. She cuts in layers but that is about all I can tell you because I am usually talking my head off while she is working and she changes the cut often.

I posted a few pictures of my styles for this year but if you look at years past (see archives up top) , I have it seems, a dozen different looks at least. I started out 2017 with a shorter hair cut and kept it fairly short until the last few months. After going through all these pictures I am thinking about going shorter again. It was fun and versatile. 

I posted the pictures oldest to newest to give you an idea of the different looks I like. 

my hair care

I try to take very good care of my hair without making it into a chore. First I eat healthy and drink lots of water. I take lots of supplements to make sure my body, skin and hair have the nutrients they need to stay healthy. As I get older it seems I have to eat less to maintain my healthy weight so supplements are vital to me.

I wash my hair every three to four days. I usually let it air dry or mostly air dry. If I don't have somewhere to be that is all I do. If I am going somewhere I will either flat iron it, or curl it. However I style it, it will mostly stay that way until I wash next. I use almost no product other than shampoo and conditioner but when I do, I use some really amazing things.

Until recently I used Redken Gold shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. But recently I was given samples of a product to try and it blew me away. I will be using it from now on! I will link all the products I use but the name of the shampoo, conditioner and an all in one milk, is Avines OI. (TIP: It's an all natural product so you need to rub it between your hands well before applying to get a lather.

my hair color

Until about a year ago, since I was about 21-years-old I always colored my own hair. Last year, my stylist took over because I thought I wanted her to start blending in my gray. I have very little gray so far but what was showing up just wasn't what I liked so last month when I was in Arizona and couldn't get to my stylist I went back to my old hair color on my own. You can't tell that much difference in pictures but I can tell in person and am happier sans the gray for now. I linked what I use. I try to only go a shade or two lighter than my own color. I use medium golden blond but sometimes in the summer I use light golden blond. I only color about once every 8 to 12 weeks.

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Below my hair as of January 2018,

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As always, thanks for stopping by!