Goals For 2018


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I am a big fan of writing down goals. I have done it for years and rarely has there been something I haven't written down that I didn't achieve. Books have been written on research which supports writing down goals to help achieve them. I think my success is partly because my goals are usually realistic. So, although a lot of people think new year's resolutions are silly, I do make them. I just call them goals for the new year. I break them down into categories like health and fitness, financial, career, etc. This year one of my goals is to really take care of my skin. Try new things with skin care and see how it goes. That's doable, right?

Below is my list for 2018. It's about all I do (detail wise) but it is effective for me. 

Even though I am very techy, I still love to have a simple planner that I can have by my desk and carry in my tote. Here are some really cute options.

most exciting goal

The goal I am most excited about is skin care. I will investigate and experiment with natural beauty techniques, over the counter products and even talk more to my skin care provider to see what is new in the medical industry. I'm excited to see what I learn and how my skin reacts and even how it all makes me feel.

To be honest as much as I say this aging thing is okay, fun, interesting, etc. It really can be difficult at times. It's so hard to watch and feel physical changes. Everything from more easily being injured while exercising, to not having as much energy and yes even to seeing more lines and drooping on my face. I am big about never quitting as you will have seen in this post. I don't quit when I get injured from running. I go to the appropriate health care provider, learn how to fix the problem and make sure I avoid it in the future. So I'm not going to quit on my skin either. It's no different than the rest of my body. It all adds up to feeling as great as possible as I continue to travel down the road of life!


So for starters, what I am trying right now? When life gives you lemons, use them. I recently read about using lemons to decrease spots and uneven skin tones. So off to the the grocery store I went to buy lemons! One lemon lasts a week easily. I slice a thin slice off and rub it all over my clean face, neck, chest and hands. I use it at night before I go to bed and again in the morning.  The verdict is still out but it smells good!

over the counter

One thing I am adding to my routine is RoC Retinol Correxion Max Daily Hydration Creme. This company was so sweet to gift me a package of this cream and I am excited about how my skin is reacting. I have heard only good things about RoC products! And when I went to my skin care provider and told her what I was trying she said it was perfect to be using as a brightener. I love it so much, I am adding this brand in a night cream because I was advised to slather on a nice thick layer of night cream to help hydrate my skin and decrease wrinkles. 


Other RoC products I plan to try this year as part of my skin care goals. 

Professional advice

Earlier this week I met with my skin care professional and am so excited to share what we are up to. It will be in my next health and beauty post. Let's just say, it's an exciting journey!  Meanwhile, I will be adding  and trying new things, natural, over the counter and at the doctor's office so stay tuned it you're interested.

Let me know what you do for skin care. I would love to get a conversation going so I can learn more from you and hopefully you can learn from my experiences.

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