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Probably one of the biggest lessons in life that I have learned is to never ever quit. Anything that I have ever accomplished was born out of showing up no matter what. I remember working full time, raising two sons and working on a doctoral degree all at the same time and never thinking about anything but getting up in the morning and showing up. No matter how difficult things would get, I would not quit. 

Now that I am older this holds true even more. When I was 47 years-old I started running and now ten years later I continue to run. But not without obstacles and days I think I might have to quit. Especially this past year when I have injured myself while running two different times. More than once I thought this is it, I am going to have to quit, I'm too old. 

But I have a sports medicine doctor that I see and he laughs at me when I ask, "Is this it, am I too old to keep running?" He treats my injury and his staff teaches me exercises and stretches that bring me back to running like the wind! And I am so grateful to them for not only helping me help myself but for reminding me to never ever quit!

The day before I did this shoot I visited my doctor for back strain from running on a mountain trail while I was in Arizona. He told me to rest at least a few days and then get back at it! I must admit as sore as I am from the treatment and exercise they put me though I didn't mind not doing too much for a few days. But I wanted to show you some of the things they recommended I do so I won't injure myself again or further. 

Not only do I do a lot of stretches, mostly part of my yoga routine but I also do several exercises on a roller. Let me tell you, these roller exercises are so helpful even though they hurt for a while until you build up. 

My plan for now is to slowly work my way back to a full run and concentrate on my running form. My goal is the annual 5K that I do in early May. So wish me luck.

I hope you will share with me your favorite ways to stay fit and if you have found obstacles to over come.

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