Facing My Truth


Well luvs, its time for me to face the truth. Winter has full on arrived. We had a little snow a week or so ago, but it warmed up and melted and everything was still green. But over the weekend in started snowing and it snowed so fast and hard that it knocked our power out for a few hours. I'm writing this on Saturday, a sunny but cold day (high 33) knowing that tomorrow we are getting more snow. Temperatures are going to remain cold so this snow will be here until spring.

So I'm going with it and pulling out the boots. I have lots of snow boots for here in the mountains, one for each day of the week! ha ha! This is a cute light colored pair so I wore them with white jeans and a fun little jacket. Cozy and fun is how this outfit turned out. I took a few pictures outside but my hands starting getting so cold I was driven inside near the fire.


I love living in the mountains and the snow but only for a bit. So what do I do? Well having lived in Arizona for many years I know how nice the weather is in the winter and so we pack up and head south. I guess we are snowbirds! And that's ok because I can hike mountains, run outside and not freeze my buns off. We will be back here for our annual Christmas party that we host and a few weeks more of winter before we head back south until spring. I am so excited for this winter and plan to enjoy were I am, when I'm there! As for Christmas day, I will be hiking a mountain and maybe toasting the holiday with a little eggnog.

Thanks for stopping by!