I've Kissed A Lot Of Frogs


It's true, I cannot tell a lie; I have kissed a lot of frogs. Hat and sun glasses frogs. I can't wear most hats well and most sun glasses don't look good on me. But let's face it, after all the years I've been looking (too many) I have finally found a couple of hat styles and sun glasses that I like.  I was excited about the beret I found (see here) but this Fisherman's hat is the CATS MEOW for me.

Fun, fun, fun! I wore it with a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans (my fav jeans), a Free People off should sweater (another favorite brand) and an old pair of booties. I slung a leopard bag over my shoulder and grabbed my tassel belt and I felt positively Frenchish! P.S. I make up words often. Big Mark Twain fan, learned it from him.


The fringe trend was so short lived for me. Surprising since I grew up when fringe was EVERYWHERE (60s/70s)! But I got these booties with fringe a few years ago and one clutch that had fringe and I was over it. I haven't worn these booties much but when I put them on with this outfit I thought, what the crap is wrong with me, these are ROCKIN boots. So they will be back on rotation for me. 

fringe 11.JPG
fringe 13.JPG

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