Hello Natalie Attired-The Mini Series-Part Un

Top & Pants, Natalie Attired c/o, Fisherman's cap here, Bag Adora by Amadio, Booties old.


So here's the scoop! I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie Attired. A personalized, convenient, fun "try before you buy" clothes shopping experience for women. Based on your unique style profile, they will send you a collection of five coordinates from a wide variety of quality contemporary brands to create the looks you'll love.

And gang, that's what happened, they sent me the box! I am a self-described fashionista; I love fashion and everything that goes along with it. But to be honest, I don't enjoy going into physical stores. I would say 90% of my closet was purchased online. 

When Natalie Attired told me they would pick out things I would like after I completed a profile, I kind of doubted they could get me just right. But gang, they did! I could have sent back anything I didn't want at no cost to me but every single thing they sent had me squealing!  My only challenge was to contain myself as I mixed and matched one outfit after another!

So this week I am doing a mini-series so I can show how much fun I had and that Natalie Attired truly GOT ME! Make sure you check in on Wedneseday and Friday to see all the things they sent and all the ways I styled them. 


So when I opened the box I found two tops, a jacket, a pair of pants and a DRESS (so much to say about the dress later in the mini series). Everything was so my colors! I have a distinctive set of colors that I love and have in my closet and all over my home. Warm earthy, rich yummy colors were in this box. 

For my first outfit I wore the thyme colored pants. They just pulled on, covered my tummy completely and fit perfect while being totally comfortable. I added one of the tops and a pair of my booties and was so happy with the look that I had to add my fisherman's cap. I wore a piece of butterscotch Amber from my jewelry collection and carried one of my favorite bags and Ta Da! A hit for me!

Scroll down to see where I added the jacket they sent. This jacket will be a piece I will wear constantly. It is this amazing fabric that holds its shape but has stretch. It has zipper details on the sleeves and pockets which I adore and is an almost gun metal color! 

Last, check out the first glimpse of the dress they sent. I don't want to give away too much but I can say I styled it in a least six ways and could have done more. 

Jacket, Natalie Attired c/o.

Natalie Attired c/o here, has provided a code for you to use at checkout. The code is good for shipments scheduled for delivery until December 31st. It gives you a 10% discount on your purchase or a 30% discount if you keep all five pieces in their Collection, and is good for your first purchase only.  The coupon code is NW4NA (not case sensitive).

As always gang, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Wednesday's post, part deux of the mini-series.


P.S. If you have any questions about my experience with Natalie Attired send them via the comments!

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