Almost Didn't Happen


These boots arrived at my door late Saturday evening while I was visiting my granddaughter and family. I got home so late I didn't get to open the package and then Sunday came and we were so busy running around shopping and then I cleaned the condo and put pizza dough together to start rising and one thing led to another until I wasn't sure I would get pictures for a post today (Monday). But I finally had time to open the package and put together an outfit and get some indoor pictures taken. If I hadn't been so in love with the boots I might not have even done a post but I wanted you to see them. 

OMG they are so comfortable and cute. They have a lower heel than I normally wear and the fabric on the legs is so perfect! Just delicious! I wore a light weight sweater that was loose and had fun sleeves that are bells with a tie. The ties are sewn on so you don't have to fuss with them.  It also has a cute split up the back that is fun. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and grabbed my leopard clutch to complete this outfit.

My nails weren't done and a mess because of cleaning and cooking and I had to try to pull my hair up to get it in some kind of order but you understand I am sure that it was urgent I get this post up! Duh, I'm such a nut! Ha Ha!


My husband and I are having so much fun here in Phoenix. Our condo is small and nothing fancy but it is perfect for us to spend our time doing other things rather taking care of it. We've been hiking the nearby mountains and I have been getting runs in every other day. I still cook most of our meals because I love to cook but we get to eat on our patio. We have lovely neighbors from Canada that also spend most of their winters here.  

I get to see my granddaughter often because they only live about 5 miles away. She is a delight and I never could have understood the love for a granddaughter until she came along. t's all good. We're spending Thanksgiving Day with our family and my heart is full of joy! I am so thankful and not just on Thanksgiving day but everyday!

Thanks for stopping by!