How I Style Pom Poms, Leather, Lace & Fringe


The day I took these pictures I woke up to snow on the ground and it was still coming down. It looked like a full blown winter storm. Since it is about a month or more early for this kind of weather I wasn't that excited. To cheer myself up I decided to find something fun to wear.

In my last post I showed you I had ordered a pair of faux leather leggings, fun booties with pom poms and a beautiful cardigan with fringe. All 40% or more off. I wasn't sure about the sizing of my leggings but when I tried it all on I loved it. The leggings have a motto design on them giving them an edgy look. The booties are not high quality, thus the low price but for a trendy item I would rather not spend that much money. They are as cute as can be, comfortable and add so much fun to leggings. The cardigan was a total win purchase. It is quality, on sale and oh so cozy and pretty! Score! I wore a lace camisole that I have had for a few years, a hat and headed out into our first real snow of the year. 


We've had this home in the mountains since 2003. We used it for a vacation home until a few years ago when after the kids all left home we decided we preferred county life in fresh mountain air. So here we are. We sold our house in the valley last spring and make this home except for a couple of months a year when we go to AZ for a winter break.

I don't remember a year that we've had snow this early. We get snow earlier than a lot of the country but not this early. We live close to the base of a ski mountain which is about 3000 feet higher elevation and they get about double what we get. They got about six inches and we got between three and four inches. Luckily it is supposed to melt today and we will get a few days of fall like weather before its expected to snow again this coming weekend. So I am kicking back taking it in stride. Making lots of delicious soups and using my home gym to try to get enough exercise in my days. It's all good.


Since winter arrived early and my days of getting out for trail runs are limited, I worked up a new fitness routine for the next few months. I start my days with a 25 minute yoga practice. Then on alternate days I am doing HIIT and easy runs. My HIIT program uses all weight bearing exercises so it fills my strength training goals. I am doing a 20 minute HIIT program now because I injure so easily but will work up to a 30 minute program.

I make sure to eat mostly a vegetarian diet these days, making many delicious soups and cutting out simple carbs like sugar, white breads, sweet desserts.  I do eat an egg for breakfast most days and I use chicken stock in soups. But as for eating a piece of meat, it is down to only a couple of times a week. I take supplements as I've talked about before (here). I also drink a protein drink after HIIT and running. I'll let you know how its all working as I see how I feel in a few weeks. I am always trying new things!

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