How I Wear Leather Leggings


We are now seeing all the beloved fall clothing spilling out all over Blogsphere. One tried and true garment is leather leggings. For so many years I wouldn't go near leggings let alone leather leggings. I finally took the plunge and bought these multi media leggings, faux leather in the front with a nice fabric back. I was so thrilled with the look and fit that a bought two of the same pair and now in my third season love them more than ever. They are not tight fitting but they are nicely fitted and they look good with everything from pumps to OTK boots and from camisoles and cardigans to be over sized sweaters. 

For today's outfit I choose to wear OTK boots and a cozy sweater along with a Shearling vest. Can I just say, OMG? This is my favorite outfit so far this fall. It is comfy, stylish and edgy. Everything I love about an outfit. I carried an old designer bag that added a pop of color and more edge and wore big hoop earrings, a layered necklace and that was it! Ready to hit the road or sit by the fire with a glass of wine!

I like this look so much that I found another pair of faux leather leggings that were on sale. They just arrived and I'm not thinking they are going to work but I will try them on to see and let you know. Just for fun I will show you what I ordered down below for a complete outfit. It all arrived today and I will try it out in the next day or two. I think I will put a cami with this outfit. 

Thanks for stopping by!