You've Gotta Start Somewhere . . .

When working on a post for my blog, I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration. When I come up with an outfit, I head to my closet to put it together. More times than not, I end up with a completely different outfit. This is an outfit that is nothing like what I thought I would end up with except for the cream color. But I like the results.

Everything in the outfit had been in my closet for a long time. I would say at least one year for most.  The star of this outfit is the jacket. I picked it up last year when I was in Arizona for a few weeks. It was at a Ross and it is a Calvin Klein. I remember taking a lot of time considering whether it would be something I would use. It is so pretty, a faux leather, with a band of fabric on both sides. The gold zipper detail makes it pop. I don't wear it a lot but I am so glad it is in my closet because I don't think it will ever be out of style and I can wear it with everything, from pants to skirts to jeans to shorts. One of the best things I have learned over the years is what pieces of clothing I will really use. When I see it, I know it.

Do you have an eye for what you know you will wear? What is it?

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