Don't Be Afraid . . .

For most of my life I was afraid to do anything that would attract attention to myself. I have found one of the great things about aging, for me anyway, is that I don't really care too much what anyone thinks. And, I like to do things that others might dare to tell me I shouldn't do. Am I going through some rebellious stage? Hell yes! 

This necklace is something I would never have worn and now every time I put it on I feel bold, strong, rebellious. It was the star of this outfit. But I didn't stop there, I added two rich colors in a jacket and handbag and I put on pumps with frayed hem jeans. No, I am not afraid anymore.

For a while the lines on my face made me afraid also. But now they blend in with my smile lines and remind me that the people who matter to me don't see the lines in my face, just as I don't see lines in the faces of the people I love. It's so simple.

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