The Divine Karen Kane Brand

I have admired the brand Karen Kane for a couple of years now, after seeing one of her dresses online. I have a couple of her maxi dresses that are just amazing in style, quality and comfort. Her designs are made for women of all ages and sizes and you can be sure you will always look elegant but comfortable and confident. Recently I purchased a couple of tops and they are just my style. They are beautifully cut, with deep rich colors. I wore this top with a pair of boot cut jeans that are a size or two too big. I like to have a few pair of jeans that are over sized in my closet for those days when I don't want anything too fitted. Again, I am wearing the same booties because they are all I brought with me, but see how versatile they are? I kind of wish I had a second pair for when I wear these out.

I am wearing one of my Amber necklaces bought on a trip to Mexico with my husband. It is about the only jewelry I own of any quality. On each of my trips to Mazatlan I would get at least one of these beautiful natural stones hand crafted by local artists. I get the largest most organically shaped stones I can find. Amber only comes in 5 colors. I have it in yellow called Butterscotch, red called Cherry and the green. I don't have the blue which is the rarest or the black but they are on my list. But seriously, I am not a jewelry person so these are special to me. I have had them for years and they go with everything I own. 

What is your favorite stone?

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