Live the Dream

The top in the picture is so soft and comfortable and just right for the cool rainy days we had here in Arizona for a few weeks. But it has still been nice enough to spend a lot of time outdoors so I am happy. I have gotten in two 5Ks this month both supporting important causes which means a lot to me. Everyone has ways they can contribute to their communities, we just have to find out what they are. The first 5K benefited Home Fur Good, a no kill shelter that finds permanent homes for dogs. The second 5K supported running activities in the area understanding the importance being active has for health and well being.

Live the dream is a nice graphic for a top and a good reminder to be grateful and keep your dreams alive. I notice as I get older, I don't dream as much about things I want to do or be in the future. I'm not sure why? But I need to work on that.

Do you keep dreaming about things you will do or be or are you living your dream?

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