Horizontal Stripes

This top and cardigan were bought on clearance at Ross. Jeans and booties are older but you can find links to them on my Northwest Mountain Style Boutique page here.

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Here is an old rule in fashion that I think most people ignore anymore. I was always told not to wear horizontal stripes; it would make me look fat. But I see people wearing them all the time and they do not look fat. I found this top and loved the colors so much but hesitated a little because of the stripes. But when I found this lovely cardigan, I knew the two items would be perfect together. I felt I had discovered a little trick of the eye. The cardigan broke up the stripes giving me a slimmer look rather than pronouncing my mid section. Added to these jeans and booties, it made a lovely casual outfit of the day.

What are your thoughts on stripes?

5K update: I ran a 5K last saturday and I have another one this saturday. One of the things I am enjoying about spending some time in Arizona is that I can continue to run outside all winter and I can participate in as many 5Ks as I want. I am going to look for another one to sign up for, for the next Saturday too. Also, each 5k I pick has a cause that I can support which makes it even more fun and important. 

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