Horizontal Stripes

Here is an old rule in fashion that I think most people ignore anymore. I was always told not to wear horizontal stripes; it would make me look fat. But I see people wearing them all the time and they do not look fat. I found this top and loved the colors so much but hesitated a little because of the stripes. But when I found this lovely cardigan, I knew the two items would be perfect together. I felt I had discovered a little trick of the eye. The cardigan broke up the stripes giving me a slimmer look rather than pronouncing my mid section. Added to these jeans and booties, it made a lovely casual outfit of the day.

What are your thoughts on stripes?

5K update: I ran a 5K last saturday and I have another one this saturday. One of the things I am enjoying about spending some time in Arizona is that I can continue to run outside all winter and I can participate in as many 5Ks as I want. I am going to look for another one to sign up for, for the next Saturday too. Also, each 5k I pick has a cause that I can support which makes it even more fun and important. 

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