Sneaker Crazy

As a kid and even through my teen years and into adulthood, you would mostly see me wearing jeans, t shirts and sneakers. I only felt comfortable in that attire. So for the last decade or two when sneakers have been for exercise only, I have missed them a lot. Now, you see them everywhere; with dresses, pants, and everything in between. This is great news in a lot of ways, except I have a feeling it will be short lived so I won't be investing a lot of money in them. I have seen some up to $500. 

The sneakers in this post are from Nordstrom Rack. I saw a pair almost identical to them on a blogger. They are Adidas as were hers. Only her's were called Gazelle and $80. Mine are called Courtset for $30. Mine (Courtset) are suede upper and man made sole, the Gazelle are made of leather and synthetic upper, synthetic sole. Other than that, I could not see anything different except the name. Mine also came with white and black shoe strings so I could change out the look. They are very comfortable and will really top off some casual outfits. 

I wore my sneakers with jeans from Nordstrom Rack, camo t shirt from Target, belt from Target, and a black athletic jacket from Costco. It was the perfect outfit for a day of work at my desk with breaks to take the dogs for a walk. 

I only put on a little BB cream for this shoot and you can see age spots on my face. They seem to jump out at me in the bright lights of Arizona. When I look at them I think of Dolly Parton saying that as a child they were very poor, but she didn't know they were poor until someone told her. She was just happy. Well, I didn't know age sports were considered bad until I read about it and keep reading and hearing about how we all need to get rid of them and hide them. Another thing that some dumb ass told me that I otherwise wouldn't have known. 

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