OOTD Rejects

I have been completely blank regarding outfits for the past week. Everything looks the same to me and every outfit I put on just didn't come together the way I wanted. On top of that I couldn't get decent photos. I looked tired, bored and not satisfied that my vision was coming across. I am giving up for this post and showing you the rejects. They are all just so so and not creative. I hope something inspires me soon or I may just start putting on jogging pants every day. 

This first outfit is one I have done a version of before. Nothing new to relate.

The next outfit was me thinking that the colors and olive and blue would be pretty together but it just didn't come through as I had envisioned.

I thought purple and leopard print would be fun but is seemed so pedestrian that day.

In the next outfit I had been making jam all day. Its a lot harder than you would think and I was tired. Not to mention I had jam on my feet, face and arms. I just had to sit down and have a drink.

The following outfit was my attempt to style a jacket I have had forever but I just wasn't feeling it and you could tell in the photos.

The shirt in the next photo is a beautiful color but too big. I should have returned it but I thought I might like the over sized fit for leggings or something. Clearly wearing it this way wasn't working.

So there you have it. A week of so so outfits. Luckily I got in lots of good runs and enjoyed the beautiful mountain weather with lows in the 30s and highs in the 60s. My dogs were on a kick of eating grasshoppers so I had entertainment and tonight I have a BBQ to attend. I wonder what I should wear?

Do you ever had times when you have nothing to wear? What do you do to get creative?

Thanks for stopping by!