Copper Pants

WARNING, you might get sick of my OTK boots and this is only one of my three pairs! Wait until you see my black pair, they are "Bananas" (Rachel Zoe). Everything I am wearing is old but my pants. Last spring Costco had Buffalo pants in white and black and I picked up a few pair because they were cute, well made and well, $19.99. I was tickled to death when I went last week and found them in this beautiful copper color. They also have them in a deep wine. They are basics for me, everyday wear.  And since this color is on my short list as a favorite, I had tons of things to style with them. 

Do you have a fun/quirky place that you buy staples?

On an added note, I ran another 5K last Saturday to benefit the only Children's Hospital in Idaho. Although there were thousands participating in the 5K, 10K and half marathon, only 25 women in my age group were in the competitive 5K. I got second place being  beat out by only about 60 seconds! It was all uphill and a challenge but I ran at a 8 minute 43 second pace and finished the race in 27.07 minutes. My fastest race yet! I started running in my mid 40s and am so glad I tried it. I enjoy it so much and love the competitive part of 5Ks. Now it's time to train for my next 5K! I met a lady in her 70s who had eight women in her age group and she got second place. She ran her race in 31 minutes! It was amazing! 

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