Johnny Was + Gap = Elegant, Casual, Flare

My top here, same flared jeans here, shoes old, straw bag thrifted.

Today, I had the time to spend a big part of the day styling outfits and taking pictures for my blog. I even did a little cleaning out of the closet, ending up with a nice load to take to the local thrift shop that supports the local animal shelter. Out of everything I tried on today, this was my very favorite. I love the silhouette of a long flowing top and long flared jeans. I also like the elegant but relaxed look and feel accomplished by putting them together. The color of this top was new for me as I have very little bright yellow in my closet. The color is one of the main reasons I bought this top. The quality and the embroidery on it were huge factors also. I added the little straw bag and thought is was perfect to carry. For more outfit ideas, check out my Northwest Mountain Style Boutique page.

For the last several years we have been planting lots of flowers around our property and this year we were rewarded by seeing Monarch butterflies visiting our purple coneflowers. These butterflies are very interesting and losing a lot of the plants that help them repopulate. Anything we can do to support their four-stage lifespan is greatly needed. Read more about them here. Below is a picture I took in our yard. I love the beauty they bring to our world. Those from the fourth stage will migrate to Mexico. May the wind blow beneath their wings!

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