Late Summer to Fall Transitioning

Like a lot of people who love fashion; I have my eye on the fall season. The sales are going gangbusters all over the place. I know for sure the trend I am in love with for fall and even transitioning from summer. The duster is absolutely my favorite silhouette. I started dabbling with it in early spring with some long cardigans that I could use all season here in the mountains because with our climate you almost always need a wrap at some point in the day. Then I found a couple of really cute lightweight dusters that were just perfect for casual dressing and even for dressing up. I could wear them with almost anything, jeans, skirts, shorts (see here), even bathing suits and over summer PJs. So needless to say, I have a few dusters in several colors heading to my doorstep for the seasons to come. Playing around with one of my dusters, I put together this outfit that I could wear pretty much from now all through fall and winter. I have on black jeans and booties, a sleeveless leopard print top and my duster. I carried a brown handbag with it for contrast. If I get too warm, I can take off the duster and still look stylish. Yep, dusters are my thang this year! 

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