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The last couple of weeks I have been seeing booties all over blogsphere. Everyone is excited about sales that focus on fall fashion. I took a different route, however. I looked at what was new, then looked in my closet and found things that provided the same vibe. I also went to one of my favorite sights, Nordstrom Rack, because I know a secret (well maybe it's not a secret) but many things last season that I thought I had to have but decided not to get, are being sold this season for 50% -75% off. Wait until you see my finds! I will put them on my new page called, Northwest Mountain Style Boutique (here or top of page)! But first, it looks like I have some splainin (a real word?) to do with this outfit. 

It appears we are not going to have much of a real summer here in the northwest mountains of Idaho. At the very least it is going to be a short one. So far we have only had a handful of days where it even reached 80 degrees. Our nights are so cool still that the heat kicks on in the early mornings. I am not complaining, I actually have grown to love our climate and I get to wear things like this in the middle of the summer. I got this midi skirt in the early spring. This type of skirt is not at all flattering for my body type, but I don't care, it is flowy (not sure a word), fun and versatile. I envisioned country life (mine) and thought a shirt tied at the waist would be fun and to countrify (again, not a word), it even more, I put on booties! My straw bag is a thrift find from last year that I just adore. It says vacation and is in perfect shape. Score! I am holding my skirt up for several reasons. One, I wanted to show my booties, two, I wanted to show the cute skirt lining and three, I knew it was probably something a mature women shouldn't do! My mom, always said, "You can't tell Cheryl anything!" 

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My outfit is made up of items that are no longer available but these are similar. That shirt is perfect and that skirt is cuter than the one I have. I have wanted the first pair of booties for a long time (crazy about them) and the other pair would be so cute. All the straw bags are just too cute!
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