Bell Bottoms + Bell Sleeves = That 70's Show!

It's no secret that I am a child of the 70's. Actually I turned ten in 1970 and from that point on, clothes thrilled me. I will never forget the styles. But bells on the bottoms weren't enough for me; I loved bells on my tops. Sometimes the bell was the shape of the top and sometimes it was the shape of the sleeve. We also wore off the shoulder, cropped, bodysuits and everything that is now so trendy. I am happy to wear these styles again. It is nostalgic and fashionable.

Let's talk trends, shall we? My top is lined accept for the sleeves which are sheer, but the trendy part is the full bell sleeves. Aren't they fun? I see them a lot on blogs and in the stores. My jeans are a sailor style which was big in the 70s also. The patch pockets on the front and the very flared legs are more trendy each day. The straw bag and high wedge shoes seemed to finish this look. I remember my first pair of platform shoes (big smile on my face). You can't see them but I wore bright orange tassel earrings for jewelry.

The other day when I was out running on the trail near my home I ran into these young bucks. I was close to six feet away and they just looked at me. I asked them to move and let me by to no avail and then waited for no cars to be near by and clapped my hands and still they weren't going to move. I threw a pinecone gently in their direction and they just walked up to it an sniffed it and continued eating. I gave up, turned around and ran home. I am glad they were not afraid of me, and I was happy to let them have it their way. They are so beautiful and remind of the good in my life. 

Here they are just walking out from a side road onto the trail in front of me.

Folks in this town are used to deer being everywhere and they are so careful and respectful. This community loves to share space with these and all the wild creatures of nature.

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