My birthday month . . .

My daughter-in-law taught me about your birthday month, birthday week and birthday! She is so sweet and funny and the month of her birthday is celebrated everyday. I love the idea, being born and living life is a great gift and should be recognized. Don't you think? 

Birthdays for me have never really been celebrated, barely even noticed, but as I grow older I become more grateful for life. I realize how lucky I am to be reaching the age I am. I admit, each year is a little more scary than the last. When I was in my forties, I thought growing old would be an adventure, something I felt I could do gracefully. I didn't think I would mind the inevitable changes. When I started really noticing actual changes however, it was harder than I thought. Since then I swing up and down about how I feel about aging. I try hard to look to role models, eat right, exercise and keep a positive frame of mind, but some days the whole process beats me. I was the unbreakable optimist as a young woman and that is the one change I notice the most . . . I'm not quite as optimistic. Part of my routine these days is to wake up and start over; each day is a day to enjoy and do better. Like, last night I ate potato chips and lemon cake for dinner (I rarely do this), today I will be eating salad and grilled chicken for dinner (I mostly do this). I don't worry about the unhealthy way I treated my body yesterday, I will just do better today.

So, this is my birthday month! I turn 56 this year. In many ways I feel better than I did 20 years ago. I can do things I couldn't then, like run several miles at a time. I can cook better, distinguish between good and bad wine, enjoy the simple things in life and be at peace with myself.

The first outfit of my birthday month was put together, to meet my girlfriend for lunch. We ate at a local Mexican restaurant that has a patio right over the lake. It was a beautiful day! I wore, flat sandals (Tommy Hilfiger from, skinny jeans (Levis), a light weight sleeveless top (TJ Max) and a lightweight long cardigan (Nordstrom). My bag is from Dillards. Everything I have on is old but I was so excited to see that I could pull pieces out of my closet that had the same colors. It all pulled together to be comfortable and summery. I love the  light greens, pinks, blues and oranges. One of my favorite trends right now is the long cardigan and dusters. I LOVE them. I have several that are very light weight that will be perfect with sleeveless tops this summer, where here in the mountains, even the warmest nights will be in the 50s.

Thanks for stopping by!