Spring, Green and Where Have I Been?

I can't believe I haven't posted since the middle of April. I have been waiting for the snow to melt and the green to spring. Also, we have been really busy cleaning up the mess that winter dumped on us and still have lots more to do. So much has been going on around here; I will have trouble sharing it all. But for starters, today, I found a little time to put on some of my new spring clothes and do a photo shoot. This is pretty much a Gap outfit. A few weeks ago I got the chance to shop at the Gap Factory in Boise and found these cute jeans and gingham top. They just shouted spring at me and when I tried on the jeans and found them to be so comfortable, I knew they had to go home with me. I wore a pair of older Born Concept wedge mules and carried my all purpose Tory Burch bag. At the last minute I grabbed one of my older scarves and put it on. It was windy and only in the 40s but at least you can see how my world has changed from white/grey to green! Thank goodness!

Last Saturday, May 7th, I ran the Race for the Cure 5K in Boise. It was, as always, fun and moving. I never do that run without choking up at some point, when I see how so many people come together for good. Good really is out there, we just have to remember to recognize it. I have to say, I have trained pretty hard for this race so I was able to go fast. My GPS tracked the run and my first mile was a little slow while I tried to get out from behind lots of walkers, strollers and things like that. I averaged about 9 minute 30 seconds. I kicked it up the second mile and was running about a 9 minute mile and by the my third mile I averaged 8 minute 10 seconds. I was flying! My husband couldn't believe when I crossed the finish line at how fast I did that run. Lots of people run much faster but for me it was record and exhilarating!  This Kate Spade phone cover is my new spring phone cover. What can I say, It makes me happy! My shorts and shoes are Under Armour.

Meet Tonka, our new Ranger. Tonka will be taking me into the forest to hunt mushrooms, pick huckleberries and take pictures. He's a good sport! I was going to go mushroom hunting today but it was so cold and windy I decided to wait until tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny! I know they are out there!

Last thing, I promise! I got my first pair of Hunters a year ago. Living where I do, I knew I would use them, tromping through mud, snow and water. My first pair were multi colored which I adored so this spring when I saw them on sale every where, I added a couple more pairs. These colorful boots will make time spent in the great outdoors even more fun!

Thanks for stopping by!