May . . .be

Maybe I am imagining it, but here it is the end of May and I have only posted once this month. Where did the month go? I have spent some of that time waiting for the weather to warm up because I just didn't have the creativity to take one more picture in the cold. I also have been watching my world turn from grey to green and it has been  magical! I've watched the wild life come back up to the high country, I've spent so much time hiking and looking for wild mushrooms (Morels) and picking my fresh rhubarb and making desserts. I have been watching my gooseberry bushes bloom and anticipating the tasty little jewels I will collect soon if I can beat the bears to them. I have been planting flowers, cleaning up winter debris and so much more. Anyway, you get the picture, life has been happening. Yesterday, however, we had a barbecue to attend, so I put on something besides sweats or old jeans and t shirts for a change. The weather was lovely so I decided to wear a maxi dress (Tommy Bahama), with a white jean jacket (CAbi) and summery sandals. I would be oh so comfy since I could take the jacket off if it got too warm but wear it as the cool mountain air descended on us in the evening. 

Almost every hike I take, I run across Morel mushrooms. I grew up hunting for these delightful little treasures and acquired a taste for them that never went away. This month has seen most of our breakfasts including these treats. 

I learned to be a good steward of the land by following a few tips. When you find a mushroom, flick it before you pick it then make sure you don't pull out the root base. Carry your picked mushrooms in a mesh bag. These rules insure that you leave behind the spores so more mushrooms will grow year after year. 

Our most favorite recipe for these mushrooms is a wild mushroom pizza. I made a very thin crust, put a very thin layer of a good Parmesan cheese and then the mushrooms and baked it. While still hot out of the oven I added fresh basil, roughly chopped. The chopping of the basil and the heat of the pizza insured the basil flavor was infused. It was just amazing. 

Every spring I like to make changes in my life, simple things like maybe a new hairstyle, change my make up or try a new fashion trend. This year I have become obsessed with the color coral. I have a few new articles of clothing in the color and I found this nail polish that I love, love, love. It seems to go with everything. The brand is China Glaze and the color is Coral Star. Usually, I could never get away with a coral lipstick but I found one by L'Oreal that I love called Tropical Coral #444. It goes with my coloring and I wear it non stop. It has become my signature color for the season.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, our wild friends hang out with us more. These are only a few of the sweet creatures that hang around our house. They are so used to us that they barely notice us. These guys were watching me on the deck. Once they realized how boring I was they bounced off deeper into the forest.

Thanks for stopping by!