Thank you Adrienne!

I owe this dress find to Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget. She wore this dress on her blog and I went ga ga! My pictures do not show how cute it is because I couldn't get the lighting right. It came from the Gap (here) and last I looked it was on sale(40% off). It is kind of like a shift dress that has an outer layer of fabric that you can tie. I tied it in the front and on the side and loved the versatility of it. You can even let the ties hang down for a more boho look.  It is light weight fabric but is a quality fabric so it hangs well. You can wear it tied lower on your hips or like I did up higher almost around the waste. It has 3/4 sleeves that I rolled up and comes in different colors. I got the light blue and the dark blue. I am 5'5" so I got a petite small. I am not advertising for anyone but this is a dress you must check out. When I saw it online I thought, there is no way this would look good on me but it looked so great on Adrienne I thought I would give it a try. I will wear cute sneakers with it, heels and even booties. My bag is my star of the season. It's a bucket bag with tassels! As my grandson says when he sees a big truck . . . Whoa!

Thanks for stopping by!