Athleisure Wear

Someone made a comment when I posted this outfit on Instagram over the weekend, that my outfit was athleisure wear and on point. I never thought about that trend when getting dressed but it made me think.  What, exactly, is athleisure? I looked it up and found that it is any kind of athletic wear that is just as chic and stylish as the rest of what’s in your closet. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and efficient. I would't wear this outfit to the gym, but it is comfortable, fashionable and efficient, so there you go!

This is not an advertisement but many of you want to know where I get things so here you go. The pants are the skinny ankle pants that I talked about a couple of weeks ago (the brand is Buffalo). I bought them at Costco (here). They come in a few colors but it looks like they are out of the white online. I was in Costco yesterday however and they still have them in white in the stores. They are very comfortable and I got them in black and green as well as the white. My top is so fun. It is an old CAbi that I got at a consignment shop a couple of years ago. I love that it has buttons on the sides so you can cross it over. I wish I could find more like it. My Rebecca Minkoff bag came from Shop Bop and is the star of my spring season accessories! My shoes are Under Armour. I love this brand for exercise clothes and the shoes are just amazingly comfortable.  I got them along with a new running outfit for my next 5k on May 7th. I'm so excited!

We are so busy around here, cleaning up after the harsh winter that I am only getting about one post a week out. Hopefully soon I will have some great outdoor pictures to share. 

Thanks for stopping by!