Mother Nature & Father Time

Mother Nature has been hard on our forest this winter, much like it feels Father Time has been on me. I feel very close to my surroundings now, commiserating with how the land must feel after a long harsh winter.

We haven't had new snow for a couple of weeks now, but what we had, has been very slow to melt. The snow has melted off the deck at least and I have been able to drag a few pieces of furniture out of storage so I can sit outside and enjoy the sun, but it is not in my nature to sit and watch snow melt. I want to mow the lawn, plant flowers, clean up all the broken and fallen branches and trees and soak up the great outdoors. Meanwhile, I have to keep trying to lose the weight I put on this winter. It seems very stubborn this year, kind of like my body is saying it is not warm enough yet, I am sticking around. I am eating very healthy and exercising a lot so I know it will take a hike at some point but again, patience is not my thing at all!

Last week, life got in the way of my running. I only got one three-mile run in and that always makes me feel bad. So this week I renew my determination to get in at least 3 runs and a couple of hikes now that I can actually get through the snow to hike. It is starting to be pretty enough to take nature pictures again. 

Today I wanted to get some of our surroundings photographed. I wore a pair of dark denim trousers and a light blue top that I got a year ago and haven't worn until now. A very comfy outfit and perfect for our 70 degree, sunny day! 

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