Pattern Mixing (conservatively)

Pattern mixing is not that appealing to me but for some reason I find myself playing around with outfits that break an old rule. Many fashion rules are deeply ingrained in me from childhood. Living in a small rural town where people had strong beliefs, and even to a point, were judgmental, influenced me more than I realized until adulthood. My natural impulse is to follow rules and usually do what is expected but sometimes the rebel in me comes out, especially in fashion. It doesn't bother me at all to break old fashion rules anymore, I even embrace doing so. Pattern mixing is something that I don't wear well, and that is the reason, I am not all over it. But sometimes I can put an outfit together, that mixes patterns that I really like. This outfit is one of those. I am wearing a black and white window pane button up shirt, a black and tan southwestern graphic cardigan, black jeans and booties with a thin leopard belt. The contrasting tan bag took me from conservative to a little edgy. I grew up, in a time, when your bag should match your shoes. Now, mixing black and tan is probably one of my favorite fashion trends. 

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