Hope Springs Eternal: human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism

I woke up today needing a fresh cause for optimism, and so, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. A true pleasure in life, for me, is to observe nature and feel awe in its greatness. The changing of seasons is a miracle of nature and spectacular to observe. Just a mile from my home, in our little town is a beautiful lake and if you look around you will see the icy layer on top melting away. It is beautiful visually, but also because of the hope it stirs in us who live here, that spring is coming. It was in the upper 30s but the sun was shining so it felt much warmer. I didn’t think much about what to wear, so I have on skinny jeans, denim shirt, duck boots and a cocoon cardigan. As it turned out, I was wearing blues and browns, not a bad combination. I added a colorful necklace and felt good about the world around me. In the first couple of pictures you will see the side of the lake that is melting. In the rest of the pictures it still looks like a frozen tundra!

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