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This is not an advertisement; I am just sharing a natural alternative to using a fabric softener. I learned about this from my mom and had to try it. I now have dryer balls that are made of 100% New Zealand Virgin Wool. I bought the brand called Little Lamb from Amazon for less than $15.00. There are many brands, I am sure. You get a pack of six, you use three for small loads and six for large loads. They are supposed to last for 1500 loads, which for me, will be years. My mom also told me to buy some 100% essential oils for scent if I wanted, so I bought a bottle of lavender and a bottle of orange (about $6.00 a bottle). You put just two or three drops on the balls and the whole house smells heavenly. I am trying them as I write this post so I am not sure if they work for me but my mom says they work for her. I am always looking for more natural ways to live my life and this seems perfect. It is less expensive than fabric softeners with all kinds of chemicals and they are 100% natural. I tried to take a picture of the wool balls in my laundry room but it is kind of cloudy and dark outside so none of my pictures are very good today. That chicken painting was found in a thrift shop and I adore it. The lamp was also purchased at a thrift shop. 

Next I want to tell you about this meatloaf recipe I tried today. It is a buffalo chicken meatloaf. I love buffalo wings, buffalo chicken sandwiches or anything with that flavor. I even make my own buffalo sauce that is so amazing, I never buy bottled. But this meatloaf is just to die for. I made it today and the only changes I made to the recipe here, is I used my buffalo sauce instead of hot sauce. Here is a picture of my meatloaf which isn't that pretty but it is very tasty! I put a little buffalo sauce on the top which turned kind of dark but is not burned. I think the perfect side dish for this would be this roasted vegetable and truffle mac and cheese, here.

Every fall and spring, I rearrange the furniture in several rooms of my house. Sunday was the day I felt inspired to do the kitchen and the great room. During fall and winter in the kitchen, I have the table and rug running north and south so I can burn the wood stove without setting anything on fire (ha ha)!  Now I have it running east and west. Just moving the table makes me feel like I have a new room. I found a cute table runner in a local shop that was a perfect addition to the room and moved the accessories around and voila! 

In the great room I like my furniture arranged in ways that showcase the fireplace so we can enjoy a nice fire during the fall and winter. But when spring comes the great outdoors is the view I want so I move the furniture, so that most places you sit, you will see the outdoors.

The last thing I have to share is that although I only live about a mile out of town, most of the time the weather is completely different at home than in town. Today is cloudy with snow/rain coming and going at home, but when I went to town I got to run a couple of miles on a trail with the sun shining on my head the whole time. Life is good to me.

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