My Bohemian Look

I was a teenager in the 70s and I embraced the fashion of the time. I had hip huggers, bell bottoms, platform shoes, floppy hats, big hoop earrings, hounds-tooth fabrics and the list goes. on. Does anyone remember peasant tops, the body suits that snapped at the crotch, the leather bracelets with the love knot and the big sunglasses? Those were the days, my friend!

Here is my rendition of the style of that time. If you think bohemian, then you might think of the brand Free People. I love this brand but it is not as easy to wear and you would think. You have to find the right pieces. My top is Free People, jeans are American Eagle (thrifted), the super fun mules, hat and sunglasses are all old. I keep trying to catch the sun for pictures but Mr Sun plays hide and seek with me. Silly sun, hasn't he ever heard of the saying, "I'll get you my pretty!"


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