Ladies Having Lunch

Now that I am back in Idaho, I get to meet my friend for lunch again. We usually have lunch once a week. Although we have been friends for years we didn't start doing a regular lunch until her husband died. She was so broken after losing her husband of 30 years that I wanted to be there for her more often. Her husband was a good friend also and I knew he would want me to be there to watch over her. So, we started Wednesday Wine Lunches. Now, some four plus years later we are still having lunches together! Sometimes it is a wine lunch, sometimes an iced tea lunch and sometimes it is a martini lunch. We like to mix it up! Today, it is cloudy and gloomy so I thought I would wear my black jeans, with a dark relaxed top, black booties, black leather jacket and my black tote. I put on silver earrings as my only jewelry and I was ready to go! 

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