Two Pieces Of Clothing

If I were told I could only have two pieces of clothing, I am pretty sure I know what they would be. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Why, you may not ask? Because I have found that with these basic items you can put together a multitude of outfits. Today, I put on my favorite pair of Levis and a white t-shirt and from there I had more options than you could believe. I went with a scarf and booties. I could have chosen from a dozen different scarves suitable for all kinds of weather and I could have worn anything from booties to high heels for shoe options, and had completely different looks. Instead of a scarf I could have went with a statement necklace, a fun hat, or a cool belt for different looks. For my lifestyle, jeans and t-shirts are all I really need. 

My world is still snow covered but I don't mind. The anticipation of spring keeps me content.

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