Fly Away With Me . . .

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that my husband is a private pilot and we like to take little trips in our puddle jumper as often as we can. Saturday was a beautiful day for a hop over to Joseph Oregon for lunch. The sun was shinning at take off in our Idaho town and there wasn't a bump in the sky. When we landed in Joseph, we walked the one and a half miles to town, and had lunch. The flight was fun, the walk beautiful and the lunch perfect. While eating lunch, we met a family that was from a little town in Missouri (Hannibal) right next to the town where I grew up (Unionville). Talk about a small world. 

This is our Diamond Star. It seats four adults or two adults and two dogs! 

Right after take off, I took this picture of our lake, still covered with ice. 

Within 15 minutes we were flying over Hell's Canyon.

Immediately after going over Hell's Canyon you could see the climate change. Very little snow at this point. The elevation here was dropping down about 1000 feet.

Here we are with the right wing tipped high as we turn to line up for the runway. 

Ready to touch down. The windshield was dirty, otherwise the day was a crystal clear.

You always see something fun on the way into town. Here is one, of a couple of people riding trikes. 

We ate at the Cheyenne Cafe. They served a delicious lunch!

On the walk back to the airport we saw these little babies! 

OOTD alert! I forgot to get an outfit of the day shot, but you can see I have on ripped jeans and tennis shoes. I wore a grey t-shirt and black leather jacket to finish the look. I carried my TimBuk2 bag. You can see that you can pilot the plane from either seat with the joy stick.

Bye bye Joseph! See you soon!

There is McCall ahead. We're back in the snowy mountains!

And we're almost wheels down! Home sweet home!

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