Perfectly, passionately pink. . . .

If anyone thinks the color pink is going anywhere, ever, they are probably wrong. I can't remember a season where some shade of pink wasn't "in." Case in point, my outfit is made up of items that were purchased over the last several years. The newest part of my look, is the nail polish bought last summer. I am wearing skinny jeans, chambray shirt, pink cardigan, thin leopard belt and pink pumps. I tried something new with my hair too. I saw, this time last year, I had tried pulling back the top part and thought it was fun so tried it again today. I haven't been wearing much jewelry lately. For this outfit I was wearing a delicate necklace. And, I am still lugging around my tan bag.

If you haven't participated in my survey yet, I would love you to check it out. It is at the top of this post on the left. It is very short with just ten multiple choice questions. I thought it would be fun to try out Survey Monkey and hopefully improve your blogging experience on Northwest Mountain Living.

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