85 Degrees

Our high today in Phoenix is 85 degrees! That is nothing for the folks that live here all the time. I know because I lived here full time for many years. But for me now that I have lived in the mountains of Idaho for 10 years, it is hot! Eight-five degrees is about as hot as it ever gets in my part of the country.  I was overjoyed to get to wear shorts today! My sense of how much skin to show is evolving and if I am going to have a part of my body uncovered I think it is fun to cover up the rest. It just appeals to my since of art. So today I wore dark denim shorts, a lace free people top, wedges and topped it all off with a straw hat and bag.  It just screamed warm day wear!

Growing up in the country in Missouri, except in the winter, I never wore shoes. I could walk or run on any surface without noticing at all. And it seems that is a talent that never leaves you. Today for a few of the shots I kicked off my shoes so I could feel the tiny rocks under my feet. It made me feel young again  . . . sort of! ha ha!

In this last  picture if you look in the direction I am looking you will an unmanned plane. People fly them and drones here all the time. I think they are fascinating to watch. Can you see it?

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