Tree Hugger

I am so happy to be home in these beautiful Idaho mountains! Seriously, I have been giddy with joy! There was a time when I thought the only place for me was the warm Arizona climate but, as with many things in life, that has changed. I am now most happy to be where I get to experience all the wonders of the changing seasons.  It's still winter here but the snow is melting extremely fast and I can sense spring is coming. Dressing for this area is so fun. I don't really need to bother with a coat; I just layer up! In these pictures, I have three layers on and I couldn't be warmer or more comfy. I am wearing a shirt with bell sleeves to peek out of the sweater and poncho, skinny jeans and big smile. With the melting snow and little bit of raining it is doing I can wear my boots that feel like house slippers.  Fun times!

I am already starting my to do list for the spring season.

  1. Paint the laundry room. I picked out a color called Dancing Bear!
  2. Paint the wine room.
  3. Plan herb/flower garden.
  4. Look for another puppy to add to the family.
  5. Make Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf and Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese!
  6. Do lots of hiking and picture taking.
  7. Be grateful to my bones!!!

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