Win it matters . . .

I have run 5Ks for several years but always for charity. I have never competed except against myself; always trying to beat my own time. On Saturday I ran my first 5K of the year and for the first time, competitively, even though all proceeds went to charity. I won first in my group! I also beat my personal best time. None of this matters to anyone but me. I worked hard to reach a goal and I did it! I ran 9 minute miles and lived to tell about it! Sometimes you think as you grow older all your firsts are behind you. But this is proof you can still have firsts! So this win mattered . . .to me. 

After the race there were so many fun things going on. People dancing, booths sharing information and snacks. Everyone was happy and joining together for a cause. I even got a few kisses! That was not a first! Ha Ha!

Start your engines!

And They're Off!

Receiving my medal!

A fun morning!

Here are the random thoughts that went through my head while running.

  • Good start, got Runkeeper going right on time.
  • Wait, look at all the people passing me.
  • I'm going to be the last person in.
  • Wow, my adrenaline. I have never had such a rush in my life.
  • That is weird, I wonder why this is happening.
  • I never get worked up about a race.
  • I'm not even in to win.
  • I wonder if my heart will explode.
  • I wonder what that looks like.
  • Gross
  • Ok get it together, calm down. 
  • You're not going to die yet.
  • Maybe at the end of the race.
  • Great, I'll cross the finish line and have a heart attack.
  • I did see fire trucks waiting.
  • Oh please, quit being goofy.
  • Feeling more normal now.
  • Lots of people passing me.
  • Wait that is two teenage boys passing me.
  • They are going fast.
  • That's OK, my heart feels good, my legs feel good. little twinge in lower back but not heart attack stuff.
  • Hey the teenage boys are walking, You can't walk in a 5K. The tortoise and the hare. I'm the tortoise. 
  • Feeling good. Will make it a least. Love this song on my play list.
  • Running on hills has helped me a lot. I scoot on up the hills.
  • The teenage boys are running again and just passed me.
  • Stay strong.
  • Still feeling OK. Halfway. Yeah.
  • I think I can kick it up a notch.
  • Hey, now I am passing people who passed me earlier.
  • Pace is key. 
  • Not wasting time stopping for water. Oh dear they are loosing ground for stopping. 
  • Passed the walking teenage boys. Round the bend. I think they are done for, I can see them around the corner walking.
  • Wow last mile, feel good I think I will speed it up now. 
  • I can do this.
  • Cool, I am going faster than my normal pace.
  • I think I will beat my record. 
  • Singing . . .All I do is win win win no matter what what what with my iPod.
  • Little hot. well lotta hot. OK though.
  • Hungry
  • Glad I peed before I took off. Hate port a pottys. At least they had hand sanitizer.
  • Last leg.
  • Crossing finish, crap look at my time. I may actually have placed in this race.

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